We are a boutique agency and can quickly become overwhelmed by submissions. We are also the only agency who specializes in meeting the very exacting needs of the previously-published author. For both these reasons, we are probably not the best initial agency for novice writers to approach.
We do, however have a couple of useful suggestions for you if you are a new writer.

Join Litopia

Redhammer has supported the net’s oldest community for writers, Litopia Writers’ Colony, from its beginning.
Litopia Writers ColonyWord palace, talking-shop and literary sweat-shop, Litopia is home to many successful writers. It is a place where friendships are forged and excellence in writing is developed. Radio Litopia is just one aspect of Litopia’s continual engagement with new media. Litopia welcomes all writers who take their craft seriously, and it’s a great way to network with publishing professionals.

Most of the submissions agents see are simply not ready to be shown.  Only by joining a critiquing group such as Litopia will you know, for certain, that your work is of sufficient standard to be submitted.

Other Agencies

If you are a UK-based author, you might also consider submitting your work to the following literary agents who are members of the Association of Authors’ Agents:

A M Heath & Co Ltd
A P Watt Ltd
Abner Stein
Aitken Alexander Associates Ltd
Agency (The London) Ltd
Ampersand Agency (The) Ltd
Andrew Lownie Literary Agency
Andrew Mann Ltd
Andrew Nurnberg Associates Ltd
Antony Harwood Ltd
Barbara Levy Literary Agency
Blake Friedmann Ltd
Brie Burkeman & Serafina Clarke Ltd
Capel & Land Ltd
Caroline Davidson
Caroline Sheldon Literary Agency Ltd
Cat Ledger Literary Agency
Chapman & Vincent
Christine Green Authors’ Agent
Christopher Little Literary Agency (The)
Conville and Walsh Limited
Curtis Brown Group Ltd
Darley Anderson Literary, TV and Film Agency
David Higham Associates Ltd
Deborah Owen Ltd
Dinah Wiener Ltd
Diane Banks Associates Ltd
Dorian Literary Agency
Dorie Simmons Agency
Ed Victor Ltd
Eddison Pearson Ltd
Edwards Fuglewicz
Elaine Steel Writers’ Agency
Eve White Literary Agent
Faith Evans Associates
Felicity Bryan
Fox & Howard
Frances Kelly Agency
Futerman, Rose and Associates
Graham Maw Christie
Greene & Heaton Ltd
The Greenhouse
Gregory & Company
Hanbury Agency (The)
HHB Agency Ltd
Intercontinental Literary Agency
Jane Conway Gordon
Jane Judd Literary Agency
Jane Turnbull
Janklow & Nesbit
Jenny Brown Associates
Johnson and Alcock Ltd
Jonathan Clowes Ltd
Jonathan Pegg Literary Agency
Judith Chilcote Agency
Judith Murdoch Literary Agency
Juliet Burton Literary Agency
Lavinia Trevor Literary Agency
Limelight Management
Lorella Belli Literary Agency (LBLA)
Louise Greenberg
Lucas Alexander Whitley Ltd
Luigi Bonomi Associates Ltd
Lutyens & Rubinstein
Luxton Harris Ltd
Maggie Pearlstine Associates Ltd
Marsh Agency Ltd (The)
Marjacq Scripts Ltd
Mary Clemmey Literary Agency
MBA Literary Agents Ltd
Michelle Kass Associates
Miles Stott Children’s Literary Agency
Mulcahy Conway Associates Ltd
Peake Associates
PFD (Peters, Fraser and Dunlop Ltd)
Pollinger Ltd
Robert Smith Literary Agency
Rogers, Coleridge & White Ltd
Rupert Crew Ltd
Sayle Agency (The)
Science Factory (The)
Sheil Land Associates
Sheila Ableman Literary Agency
Shelley Power Literary Agency Ltd
Shirley Stewart Literary Agency
Susanna Lea Associates
Tanja Howarth Literary Agency
Teresa Chris Agency
United Agents Ltd
Vanessa Holt Ltd
Viney Agency (The)
Watson, Little Ltd
William Morris Endeavor (UK) Ltd

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